We are WHYNOT MEDIA who are challenging to break the imaginary wall with the hearts rather than the head.

We are creating an autonomous and healthy creation and working environment that fits the lifestyle of the new generation.

We avoid unilateral direction and obedience.
However, each responsibility according to their role must be fulfilled as promised.
We do not evaluate employees just by their performance.
Performance will be evaluated by employees themselves and be responsible for their decision.
The colleagues we want are not the ones who are better than others right now.
We want our colleagues who are constantly growing with their own will and effort.
We will continue to grow our company's competencies and future values with such colleagues.

Our people people


A person with a willingness to find his/her own work and develop his/her own.


People who are self-reliant in their work and life and who have a sense of responsibility for their own risks.


A person who trusts the work he/she has entrusted to his/her colleagues and does not make comparisons and subjective evaluations, still performs their own work to build up the entrusted tasks.


Stories resemble people. A person who is eager to be a good person and make a good influence on the world by making good stories.