Office Watch

Office Watch Season1

2017  |  Romance, Comedy  | 6min x 8ep

Su Hui Baek, Hoon Kang, Sobin Cho, Dong Oh Seo, So Yeon Jin, Seonggon Kim

Love is a war. Crazy office love party!


Lee Daeri(Assist manager), she is a career woman who dislikes a man. But here comes a guy who secretly crushed on her.

On the other hand, Park Daeri suffer eternally because of the sly Kim Teamjang(Team leader).

She lives a very busy company life and suffered by Kim Teamjang and Byun Chajang(deputy director), who are supporting Kim's back.

What will be the life of these people in the office? 

Will it ever end?

Office Watch Season2

2017  |  Romance, Comedy  | 9min x 8ep

So Yeon Jin, Seo Jin Han, Sobin Jo, Suhui Baek, Kyung Bo Kim, Woo Chul Shin, Seonggon Kim, Yeongdae Kim

"The company is such a place. It's really realistic, but it's not realistic. "

Kim, the best company's politician. 

One was enough, but her rival Lee Hye-in manager enters the company for a short-term project.

Lee, who is more talented, beautiful, and better performer than Kim, gets the attention of Byun, who is the only supporter of Kim.

Also, Hye-in seems to like Jin ho who is in love with Park Daeri! 

So, the company formed a strange new alliance of Kim Teamjang and Park Daeri.