Always a Boy Friend, Never a Boyfriend

Always a Boy Friend, Never a Boyfriend Season 1

2016  |  Romance, Drama  | 4min x 8ep

Su Hui Baek, Jaeho, Hye-won Cho

We are colleague. 
No, actually we are only good friend of each other who can actually go along in this company!
Is friendship even existing between men and women?
We are just friends, right?
I have no right say anything even if you're with another girl!

The distance between us, twenty-seven subway stops and one transfer point between us
'Always a boy friend never a boyfriend'

Always a Boy Friend, Never a Boyfriend Season 2

2017  |  Romance, Drama  | 5min 30sec x 12ep

Min-ah Kang, Won-Myou Choi, Ji-Hee Suh, Jae-heung Kim

Not honest because of clumsiness

Honest because of clumsiness

love stories of clumsy twenties


"I know what you're thinking, but I pretend not to know. 

So that we can remain as male-female friend for each other and the relationship that hang out together 

but does not hold each other's hand. 

Always a boy/girl friend, never a boy/girlfriend.

Always a Boy Friend, Never a Boyfriend Season 3

2018  |  Romance, Drama  | 8min x 12ep

Chae Eun Kim, Wook Kim, Moo Jin Sung, So Eun Han, Seung Beom Hong, Da In Lee

Some people divide men and women into dichotomy whether you're in love with someone or not. Simple as this.
But here, there are men and women who are standing at the crossroad between love and friendship.

Hansarang has been hanging out with his ex-boyfriend's as a friend. 

Woo Jeong Woo PD, colleague of Han Sarang showed his feeling toward her, while Han Sarang still has feeling for her ex. 

Woo Jeong Woo does not make her confused unlike Nam Ujeong, who always make Sarang confused.

Do you think Han-sarang will make her movement toward Nam Ujeong or Woo jung Woo? 

Or do you want to start a new relationship with friendship?