Drink, Sing, and Dance

Drink, Sing, and Dance Season 1

2017  |  Romance, Comedy  | 4min x 10ep

Yoon Kim, Byung-kyu Cho, Sua Yeo, Dong-hee Hwang, Hun-tae Jeon

'Do Eum Ju', A binge drinker woman who drinks every day,

'Yu Gam woo', A lightweight guy who only can drink two sips of beer.

These two people who do not seem to fit together gradually get close to each other, 

making their way on love, boring work, confusing daily life.

Hyper-realism drinking drama.

Drink, Sing, and Dance Season 2

2018  |  Romance, Comedy  | 8min x 13ep

Jung-yoon Kim, Byung-kyu Cho, Seo-joon Lee, Ye-won Moon, Choon-sung Kang

'Gam Woo' ended up a thing with 'Eum Ju' and went out with his boss, 'Suzy'

In the end, he cannot help himself stop thinking about 'Eum Ju', so he goes back to her.

Stories of 'Eum Ju' and 'Gam woo' who miss each other