MU:D Vol.1

2018  |  Music, Drama  | 9min x 2ep, 4min x 2ep (4 episodes)

Yoon-sik Kim, Hye-won Jeon

Our very first 'Music Drama' with 10cm, Okdal and Yun DDannDDan.

'We are in love in the twenties who are familiar with the gap between reality and dream'

'Woo Jin' and 'Se Hee' dream of the future, preparing together in his small house to get into a company.

Then 'Se Hee' succeeded in getting a job before 'Woo Jin', and 'Woo Jin' prepare by himself to get a work alone in the same room.

'Se Hee', who is struggling with her very first social life and 'Woo Jin', dreaming of invisible dreams.

A four-year long relationship gets exhausted gradually and changes their entire relationship.