Afternoon in a Small City

Afternoon in a Small City

2018  |  Comedy  | 10min x 2ep

Kwan-soo Kim, Yumi Lee, Jung-hee Heo, Ji-yong Moon

" You don't have to endure everything. It’s okay to give up. "

Companies that force their enthusiasm, fierce competition, human relationships for survival.

Youngsters who got tired of life in Seoul, moves to a small town.

Kim Oh-hoo, who was working for the company to fulfill his dream. 

But hard work does not mean that you gained what you dream of.

'Oh-hoo' gets exhausted by the company that wants to use his afternoon by dream pay, therefore he resigns the company. 

And leave to a small city and meet 'Shin Nara', 'Hyun-Jae', and 'Yeo Unsik’. 

It’s about episodes while living with them.

While stay with them, 'Oh-hoo' starts to think what happiness is.