Secret Crushes

Secret Crushes Season1

2016  |  Romance  | 2min x 20ep

Sun-woo Park, Gi Seong Cho, Yumin Kim, Hye-yoon Kim

One space, One episode but different perspective of male and female

All kind of stories about secret crushes from an omniscient viewpoint

20's love is weak and incomplete. A secret crush that started alone but dreaming of complete love at the same time.

A youth love drama that tells the stories of such things from an omniscient viewpoint, 'Secret Crushes'

Secret Crushes Season2

2016  |  Romance  | 3min 30sec x 22ep

Gi Seong Cho, Sun-woo Park, Soo-in Kim, Hyeji Yang

The reason why we keep on secret love, we do not know the begin or end.

Stories of a realistic secret love of 4 ordinary men and women.


"Let's start again."

Gi Seong, holding past lover Soo-in desperately. But Soo-in turns away without hesitate. 

Soo-in tries to forget him as she doesn't want unstable love. 

At that time, Sun-woo, who always stood beside her, comes back. 

And one day, to Gi-Seong. The world 's most bubbly girl, Hyeji comes up.


Someone who wants to forget love and someone who wants to start love

meet each other and their effort to start/end the secret love begins.

Secret Crushes Season3

2017  |  Romance  | 6min x 22ep

Woo Suk Byun, Hoehyeon Yeo, Hyeji Yang, Yuin Bang, Giseong Cho, Jini Lee

There is one who has never been in secret love, but no one has ever done it once.
A university town, six men and women with their own stories. 

They don't have any one like them but, there is only one thing in common. 

They are secretly crushed on someone.
The café part-timer Hoehyeon and the old female friend of him Hyeji
The two meet each other and plan a strategy in order to achieve the secret crush of Hoehyoen
However, Yu-in, the person that Heohyeon likes is the one on the hook of Cafe owner, Woo suk.
and Hyeji crushed on Woo suk at her first sight.
Four people are so entangled with "Secret crush".

Secret Crushes Special Edition

2017  |  Romance  | 25min x 4ep

Hoe Hyeon Yeo, Heji Yang, Soo in Kim, Sung Woo Park, Gi Seong Cho, Yeong Jung Kim, Han Sol Park, Jong Seok Yun

Maybe it was an excuse to not to love again.
Nine youth, four stories.
Full of unavoidable reasons
Authentic secret crushes drama.
ㆍ18-year-old first love. I was you, but you were not me.

ㆍA woman who promises not to love again, and a man slowly approaching to her.
ㆍI doubted if you liked me, but eventually I liked you.

ㆍMy ordinary feeling, this is also my love.